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Trick or Treat?
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What is dmhghalloween?
Dramione Halloween is a halloween-themed fic exchange featuring our favorite pair: Draco and Hermione. The exchange is centered around submitting a fic or two and receiving in return a treat, which you are allowed to pick! Read on for the details.

How Do I Claim a Prompt?
Basically, you sign up for the exchange by claiming a prompt from the table. Using that prompt as a guide, we ask you to write a drabble (anything between 100 and 1500 words) which will be gifted to another participant. If you want to write something longer than that, we certainly won't tell you not to, but please keep in mind that we also ask that you have your piece beta- or proofread before submitting it, so make sure you have enough time to go through the editing process and still submit your piece before the deadline.

You will find the prompt table HERE. Claim a prompt by commenting at that entry; all comments will be screened so that participants will not know who has claimed which prompt. Please title all comments claiming a prompt as "Prompt Claim". You may claim up to two prompts during sign-ups. If there are still open prompts after the 12 hours period, we will allow you to claim additional prompts at that time if you are interested in writing more fics. Prompts will be marked as having been claimed; you may not claim a prompt that has been marked as such. If all prompts have been claimed before the submission deadline of October 30, we will then allow prompts to be claimed twice. Until this happens, one person per prompt - no exceptions.

-- See important note below next question.

How Do I Claim a Treat?
Once you've signed up for a prompt, you have the opportunity to claim a treat. We realize that this might be problematic, but we've have a secure way to make sure that everyone receives the treat they've requested.

Because you will not know how long the fic for said prompt will be, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a treat that is comparable in length to your own. If you submit a 1500-word fic to the exchange and receive a 100-word fic in return because it is the treat prompt that you requested, it's your own damn fault. Just kidding. ;) But honestly, there is very little we can do in this case, so please keep this fact in mind when treats are posted on October 31. If, come Halloween, we have more fics received than authors who participated, we will gift multiple fics to those authors who have submitted multiple or longer fics.

When claiming a treat, you will need to consult the prompt table before doing so. The prompt table can be found HERE. You may only claim a treat that is shown to have already been claimed as a prompt. Basically, don't claim a treat that no one's signed up to write! You may claim a treat by emailing it to us or commenting at the Prompt Table; all comments will be screened so that participants will not know who has claimed which treat. In your comment, include the prompt that you would like to receive as your treat and the highest rating you'd like to read. Please title all comments claiming a treat as "Treat Claim". You may only claim one treat, regardless of how many fics you have submitted to the exchange. If we end up having more fics than participants on October 31, then it is possible you may receive more than one fic in your treat. Until that happens to be the case, though, you should expect to receive just one. NOTE: Both entry submissions and treat claims will be due by midnight on October 30, so if you wait until the very last minute to submit your fic, we probably won't be able to ask what treat you'd like. You can get around this by including your treat claim in your submission email or by commenting at the Prompt Table. However, if we don't receive your treat claim by midnight but we have a fic from you, you'll be gifted any fic that hasn't been claimed yet.

-- PLEASE NOTE (for both claiming prompts and treats: While claiming prompts, there may be some cross-claiming without us getting to the prompt table first to change it to 'claimed'. Please, because of this, order down from 1-3 the three prompts you would like to write or are interested in. Of course, if only one sparks an interest from all of them, you do not have to put three, but please be aware that it might already be claimed by the time your comment is posted. Both withdrawnred and I are going to be standing by for the full 12-hour period that we allow claiming to take place, so we will try our best at keeping up-to-date with everyone; this is a just-in-case scenario.

Also. While we allow treats to be claimed anytime once the Prompt List is officially Open, we don't want anyone to forget to claim a Treat once your time is taken up by writing and submitting. It's recommended that you choose your treat you would like in the same post you grab the prompt you're claiming. Cross-claiming Treats might also happen here, too, but if we run into any problems, we'll fix it as soon as it arises; this way, claiming only one Treat at this time is sufficient enough, instead of the three with prompts.

If you do not do this while claiming a prompt, you can comment here for your Treat anytime before the posting of the Treats, or you can submit it along with your fic in the e-mail!

Does My Fic Have to Be Halloween-Themed? and
Do I Have to Use My Prompt Word-For-Word?
Your fic is not required to have a Halloween theme, although it is certainly appreciated! If you have, however, a fantastic idea that just isn't Halloween-related whatsoever, go for it! You also do not need to use the entire prompt in your fic, nor do you need to use any part of it verbatim. The prompt is just that - a jumping-off point, something to help get ideas going in your head. You can take your prompt and look at it from whichever angle you'd like. We're not picky.

Does My Fic Have to Be Beta-Read?
Before you submit your fic, we do ask that you have a beta read through it. Obviously, this might be difficult with the amount of time left, but try as hard as you can to get it done. Just because your fic is short, doesn't mean it should be short on quality. At the same time, we ask that you keep your betas to a minimum (preferable one, two at max) since the idea of the exchange is for your piece to be as new as possible to the community when it goes up on October 31. You also do not have to use a beta. As long as you have seriously proofread your fic before submitting it, that's just fine. But we will not be gifting fics that have a large number of spelling or typographical errors; fics with issues of this kind will be returned to the author for revision.

My Fic Was Returned to Me. What Do I Do Now?
If your fic was returned to you, it will be returned along with the reason why it was rejected. Make sure you read those comments carefully so that you do not overlook any aspect that should be corrected before resubmitting your piece. Note that if your fic does not meet our basic standards, it will be returned to you regardless of the date; if you submit it three hours before the deadline on October 30 and it is filled with errors, it will still be returned to you. You will, however, be allowed to resubmit it any time before the deadline as long as it has been reviewed and the concerns about your fic have been addressed. If your fic is returned to you and you do not resubmit it before the deadline, your fic will not be included in the exchange and you may become ineligible to receive a treat. (An exception to this would be if you submitted two fics and one was returned to you, which you were unable to resubmit before the deadline. You would then still have one active fic in the exchange and would, therefore, still be eligible to receive a treat.)

How Do I Submit My Fic? and
When Is My Fic Due?
All fics should be submitted by email to dmhghalloween@gmail.com by midnight (Pacific Time) of October 30. Earlier is always better, especially in case your fic is returned to you, but we will accept quality fics until the last minute of October 30. Please title all submission emails "Dramione Halloween Submission" and include at the beginning of your email: your LiveJournal username, the prompt you wrote, the rating of your fic, and the number of words.


...and any other information you think is necessary, such as the summary, or an Author's Note...but please have the above at the very least.

Also, if you have written two fics, send them separately, each in their own individual email.

You should include your fic coded exactly as it should be entered into a post. We will take care of the cutting and all of that for you, but any bolding, italicizing, underlining, etc. should be done ahead of time by you. Because of that, you may want to preview your fic as a private entry in your own journal before submitting it. Your fic will be gifted exactly as you submit it, so make sure it is coded how you would like it to be read. I have heard that some email providers are fussy about html tags in email content; if yours gives you any trouble, please code your fic in a .txt or .doc file and attach it to the email.

Who's Eligible to Receive a Gift?
Only participants that have a fic being gifted to someone else are eligible to receive a treat themselves. As stated above, if your submission is returned to you and is not resubmitted by the October 30 deadline, you will not receive a treat if you have no other fics in the exchange.

How Long Does the Fic Have to Be?
We ask you to write a 'drabble' which, depending on the definition you read, could range anywhere in length from 100 to 1500 words. Needless to say, you've got some leeway. :) And, if your heart is set on writing a longer piece, nobody is going to object to more Dramione. Just remember that, even if you write a 2500-word fic, you may only receive a 350-word fic in return.

What Rating Should the Fic Be?
Your fic can be any rating from G through R. We will not, however, accept any fics that are an NC-17 rating. While it can be done tastefully (or enjoyably distastefully at times), this community is not the place for it. There are many places online where you can easily find Dramione fic of this rating or post your own if that's what you're interested in. But it's not going to be found at Dramione Halloween, so please do not submit it.

What Is a Trick?
It's possible that, when treats are dispersed on October 31, you will receive not a treat, but a trick. This isn't supposed to happen, and we really hope we don't run into a situation like this, but because of circumstances outside of our control, it may anyway. A trick will be a fic that you receive as your gift in the exchange that does not meet the criteria that you claimed. This could be because the treat you claimed was never actually submitted by the author to the community; the fic that was submitted is a rating higher than what you said you'd like to read; or another participant ended up in one of the above situations and you happen to be the person whose gift has to be switched out. These are all really crummy situations, but there is a possibility that they could happen. In this case, you will still receive a fic for participating in the exchange, but it will not be what you requested. We apologize in advance if this should happen. :'(

Can I Post My Fic at My Journal Before Halloween?
Um, no. Technically, there would be nothing stopping you from posting your fic wherever you want, but the idea of the fic is to be an anonymous fic exchange until authors are revealed when their story is posted. Until then, it'd be nice if nobody else on the internet (except your beta, if you're using one) saw it before it went live on October 31. We will not be hard-core checking to make sure that you have not violated this suggestion, but if we happen to come across your fic somewhere else before October 31, it will not be gifted to someone else and you will become ineligible to receive a treat (even if you have another active fic in the exchange).

How Are Treats Going to Be Dispersed?
Each participant will have a post dedicated to them at the community on October 31, which will contain their treat (or trick). On October 31, no treats will include the name of the author. This information will be revealed on November 1 in the updated treat posts. Please do not promote your fic or post it anywhere else until November 1!

I Still Don't Get It...
If you have any questions about any of this, don't be shy! Give us a holler at this post and one of us will get back to you. We understand that some of this is different from how many exchanges work these days and we're more than willing to help out if you're not understanding something.

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